What A Stressful Hour and a Half
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    Well as I believe I told those of you in the chat on Sunday, I called the cable company to come out and fix our cable modem. So he came here and turns out its not the cable modem that's the root of the problem. Turns out our old cable box and the old cable connection was causing the problem with it. So the cable guy came to install a new cable connection for the television.Then he went into the attic and sorted through the cable modem...and cable television. But in order for him to go into the attic he had to be able to move about freely within our backyard...which meant getting a place for the girls (Maddie and Tifa) to stay for a few hours. So naturally, I called the Petsmart PetsHotel. All was fine and good, but then I learned that Tifa's Bordatella vaccination had expired, so only Maddie would be permitted into the PetsHotel.