• Dear Sirs,
    I have a PSP and I bought it when they were first released. I never used it before until about 6 months ago and now I use it daily. Yesterday I rented a game from Blockbuster( and keep it mind it has worked great with no problems) called Afterburner. It requested that 2.8 version be downloaded to run the game. The download started with a full charged battery. It was about at 45% and the unit turned off itself. I attempted to turn it back on and the green light was illuminated however it would turn off after about 15 seconds with no display or start up. Is there a reset button inside or buttons to press to reset it or is this an issue you have heard of or what can I do?

    Thanks for the help!!

    2 rockdaddy
  • Oh god, please tell me you had the charger plugged in while updating, because it sounds like you did not.
    If you did not have it plugged in to a socket, connected to your psp, and the socket turned on (thus supplying direct power to your psp) then i'm afraid you've just broken your PSP.
    There's been alot about this over the last couple of years since it was first released. That is why the message that comes up when you start the update states to "Connect your PSP to an Electricity Supply" well something like that anyway.
    Even a full battery gets used really fast when updating the firmware, and if it loses power during part way through the update, your psp becomes unplayable.
    You will have to either take it back to the shop you got it from (if you have a warranty with them) or contact Sony themselves and get them to replace it.
    You said you got it about 6 months ago? Well then it's covered by the one-year manufacturers guarantee (Warranty) so you can get it replaced for free.

    That's all you can do I'm afraid.

    Site Squad

    Edit: Reread the previous post

    Just noticed the 6 months related to when you started playing with the PSP.
    Is it over a year old then? Because if it is, you will have to pay some money to have it replaced.
    The amount you will have to pay will be told to you by Sony's Customer Services team when you give them a call.

    Oh and just in case you thought it, we are not in anyway associated with Sony, we are merely a community forum for like minded Sony fans :)
  • Unfortunately I think Jay is right- your PSP is officially bricked. I'm actually surprised it let the install process start without having the adapter/ charger plugged in. Most times mine will tel me the batery is too low and to charge up and try again.

    Your only options now are to either contact Sony and have them repair/ replace the system or purchase a new one and scrap the bricked one. If going for a new unit it may be an idea to wait until September (if you can)- the new PSPs announced at E3 last week will be in stores by then. Sorry to not be the bearer of better news.