Work is Almost Done
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    So after today I will be free of all problems with the PetsHotel.I will become a fulltime writer and see exactly what it's like.At least, I'll be a fulltime writer for about a month. I don't have enough money to last me for more than a month.But for now I'll be a fulltime writer.So starting on the First of August I will starting to shove myself out there at employers. But until then here's what I have planned:
  • Well good to hear Mel, just a pity they wanted you to work for 9 hours, I mean come on...NINE HOURS!?! Sheesh :o
    Be good that you're doing what you want though, even if it IS only for a month ish. Pity about everything else in the sense book 2 will take absolutely yonks to finish :(
    But work and education more important hun, oh and love of course ;)

    Good luck with everything hun :hug: