This is a new one!!!!
  • Hope someone can help?! A few months ago I bought a Maxdrive+used it to download an edited option file off Ebay for Pro Evo Soccer 6. That all went smoothly. Yesterday however, I tried to free up room on 1 of my memory cards by moving some PES6 replays i'd saved. On "my devices" on the Maxdrive I selected memory card in slot 1, ticked all the files I wanted to transfer to the Maxdrive and selected "move". All the files I ticked were successfully moved to the Maxdrive and off the memory card. Only prob is, every other file that I didn't tick as I wanted them to stay on the m.card has now disappeared!
    I now have the following prob: On the Maxdrive, I'm was told that I had no data on the m.card. So, I transferred my downloaded PES6 option file back to to the m.card. I'm then told that I have the option file on the m.card. When I restart the PS2 with no disc and check the m.card the PS2 tells me there's no data. Yet when I tried to load, for example PES6, I get told that I don't have enough space on the m.card. That's strange considering that I had a Master League saved as well as an option file. Surely If those 2 files have now completely gone then i'd have the room to save again??
    I tried to use another game, Burnout2, to try and save and also get told that I can't save!!
    Haven't got a clue what's going on + hope someone can help as I pretty much can't use my PS" as I can't save anything + daren't move anything from to Maxdrive after what's happened. , which I need to do as both were full to start with!
    Hope someone can help, Cheers.