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    Well as I journey into being a fulltime writer for a month, I have decided to change my blog to a strictly business type of blog for now.;) At the very least until after the Comic-Con.
  • Well, sounds like you are happy you've finally finished that job, not surprised after the way you've been treated for the past however many months.

    Great to hear that you'll have chapter 10 ready by Wednesday at the latest, can hardly wait, god I'm almost getting goosepimples just thinking about it :D
    Be a great read after the amazing story that will be HP DH (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), gonna have that tomorrow thanks to, so can't wait to get stuck into that and to see what finally happens, and how it ends :o

    Have a great month, oh, and relating to your possible Latin classes...Carpe Diem ;)