• my ps2 dosnt seem to want to load any discs or read them.

    ive tried 5 diffrent discs and all with no responce.

    it stays on the brouser and system configeration screen.

    any ideas


  • Does the disc even attempt to spin?

    You could try cleaning the lens using a lens cleaning kit, available at most electronics shops. If that doesn't do the trick it's possible your PS2's drive has some more serious problems and should be looked at.
  • hi

    yes ive tried using cleaning discs and it dosnt do anything

    then tried cleaning the whole unit and now have found that i get disc read error

    im giueeing its a bad disc but thanks for the help
  • More likely its the system itself at fault and not the discs. Your PS2's drive may be in serious need of fixing. You may have to call Sony's tech support on this one.
  • lol

    well ive tried 3 other discs now after cleaning it and they all work

    bar this 1 disc
  • All right then- I stand corrected. I thought maybe it was the system going by what you said in your original post about trying 5 discs with no luck.

    Just to be sure about the disc you may want to try it in a friend's system.