Ran into online set up problem
  • Ok, So I had my online set up with my playstation 2. Than I decided that I want to keep myself online and be able to play online at the same time. Meaning, I would like to stay connected to the internet and not have to pull the ethernet from my router and run it from my modem to the playstation, So I went out and bought another ethernet cable, plugged it into my router, and am running it from my router to my playstation.

    And now the problem. I cannot connect to the online network now that I have done this.
    So now i'm wondering, do I need to set up a DMZ?
    and if so, How would I go about finding all the numbers that I need in order to get the DMZ to work?
  • No, you shouldn't have to set up a DMZ. You should be able to set up a custom IP address for the PS2. You will need the MAC address of the PS2, which you can find in the system information (hit triangle while in the PS2's main window with no game in).

    With that in hand go into the router settings and head for the Advanced heading of the main menu. What you are looking for is LAN IP Setup.

    Leave the top part of this as is. Under the divider you will see a checkbox marked "Use router as DHCP server". Make sure this is checked. you should also see the range of addresses you can give out.

    At the bottom you will see "Address reservation"- this is what you want. Click the Add button. Now, just type in the IP address you want to use (make it high enough not to conflict with your computer or anything else going online) and the PS2's MAC Address. With everything in place hit the Apply button.

    Now just put that same IP address into your PS2's connection setting along with the subnet mask, router IP and DNS servers and you should be good to go.

    Here is a link to the manual for your router- they give some screenshots along with easy to follow instructions. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which is free and can be had at their web site.
  • Ok. well I'm at the part where I should enter the IP Address, DNS Servers, and Subnet mask.

    but I'm wondering, how am I supposed to know which numbers to plug in, and if they are high enough not to conflict with my cpu or anything else online?

    P.S. I wrote down my MAC Address. so Now I just need help from there.

    I can also give some screen shots for help as to what to do next.
  • Your router's IP should be that would be the default gateway.

    As for the IP address, your computer is normally given the first in line ( Make the PS2's somewhere in the middle or high end of the range the router can give and you should be fine ( as an example). Subnet mask is the standard The DNS server numbers can be found in your router settings, most likely on a status page. These are the same as what your ISP gave you so if you have their info still around from when they installed your net access you can get the info there. If all else fails, contact your ISP's tech department and ask them for the numbers.
  • Ok, well I gave it an IP address in the 100 range, and what I did from there was go into my routers set up, type in my ps2's MAC Address, than went to run on the start menue, typed in cmd than ipconfig/all and figured out the numbers I had to put in to the online set up disc, ran those numbers through and it worked.