Italian Job - Playstation One
  • On the level where you have to get the minis onto the coach, i think its the last but one level... i am generally struggling to get the minis on... any help or tips would be great!
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    Maybe this will help you out.

    Chase your friends as close as you can go, on the first jump just avoid the arc or you can end up losing time, keep going after them and a cop will go after you, after passing by the ferry turn right and keep following them, ahead there's a stair where you will have to jump, slow down for your own sake. Keep following them through the stairs and you you will enter the mall, the way here is pretty simple and you won't have any problem if you're near your friends. At the end there's ramp, slow down a little and slightly turn to the right, just follow your friends into the underground shopping.

    After exiting the underground shopping jump slightly to the left in the ramp, keep following your buddies and you will reach the ramp that leads to a rooftop of a bulding, you will jump two ramps, you only should care about the second, slow down a little or you will crash in the wall with full speed. Keep following them and you will pass through an arc, slow down a little to make the bend to the left, now you probably have a cop on your tail, so keep full speed. When you reach the big stairway slow down just a little and turn to the right.

    From now on, full speed and take care to not stay much behind your pals, afterwards you will reach a forest area, here you should pay attention on the land, 'cause it is a bit hard to keep your car lined up, in the end, climb up the big ramp and jump from the Dome Statium. From here keep following your friends, but be aware 'cause here there's a lot of cops. Afterwards you will arrive at the Italian Parking lot, just cross it to the end and there use the ramp to jump the grille, you will lose any cops off your tail but another will appear on your way to the secret track, complete one lap then use a ramp the the left to get out of here.

    Now you're on another rooftop, there's some ramps here too, follow your buddies to take the best route and not crash some tree on the big jump ahead. Afterwards you will reach the coast, from here just take care to not crash on a tree when the camera changes. Cross the weir and turn to the left. You're almost there!, just follow them and you will reach the sewer, here stay just behind your buddies to get the best way through the arcs and your getaway is finished!
  • Thanks....

    Ive done that level though....

    Its the one where you put the minis on the coach....
  • Ah, ok- my bad. :redface:

    There's no real strategy to give here other than stay lined up with the bus at a bit of a distance away for about 5 seconds or so. All i can suggest is try to match the turns as they are made by the coach.