Funny Screenshots
  • I have a couple of funny screenshots from my own computer to share. Feel free to post your own (hopefully clean) screenshots, if you have anything funny to show from your stash.

    This first one is from iTunes. I ripped the soundtrack for Spiderman 1 (The movie) into iTunes, and iTunes always searches for the right artwork for the CD you are adding. Well, when the search finished, and it decided what artwork fit the CD, here is what I actually ended up with: iTunes is confused.

    Someone played a cruel cruel joke on me with that one. Sad part is, I left the artwork that way. It's not a very good soundtrack, so it doesn't bother me too much.

    Today I was checking my email, when an advertisement for Yahoo! Personals popped up in the corner. Check this out: Ugly Stuff.

    A couple of things to notice there. One: She appears to be cross-eyed, yet the phrase beside her eyes says "LUCKY CHARM". I guess it takes a lucky person to be cross-eyed (Oh man, I am bad).

    Two: Her teeth are so obviously painted on - the two middle ones are connected! lol, she's got a cyclops tooth or somethin'. She told the photoshop guy, "ok, now give me chiclet teeth!" Niceeee.

    Three: She is the best model Yahoo! Personals has got? That is sad :eek:. Where's Eva Mendes when you need her.

    OK, that's all I've got. Post yours now.