• Ok, i have had my PS2 for about 3 or 4 years without a problem. Suddenly about 6months ago i got a grinding noise from my PS2 whilst playing fifa07. Ever since i have had the same noise with every game at some point and it occurs mainly when i turn on my ps2 and when playing a game. Also my games tend to freeze (mostly with fifa 07 but also other games)

    All of my ps2 games i buy from new as i don't trust pre owned games with my ps2 as i like to keep it for new, clean, fresh games only.

    Please help cos i have a few weeks off and i want to get some quality game time!!!:( :confused:
  • Sounds like the lens may have gotten misaligned on you. That grinding noise is the edge of the lens coming up against the game disc.

    There are instructions available on the web as to how to fix these things- however, I only recommend doing this if you know what you are doing inside the system itself. there have been many instances of people doing this and acciodentally disconnecting a crucial wire and not knowing where it goes, rendering the system completely useless. For this reason I won't be linking to any of those pages. A quick Google search for "PS2 lens alignment" should find the results you need.
  • Thanks a bunch. I will have a look but do you (you will have to be english to answer this) know of any place in warwickshire or coventry that could repair my PS2?;) :confused:
  • I'm in Canada so, no, I wouldn't know of any place. You may want to ask around some of the game shops, however- they may know of someone that does this sort of thing.