• hey i am gonna get a ps2 so i wanna know if bouncer is a good game or any others u might recomend thank you

  • Well in my opinion i think it plays good and looks good but are way to short, maybe u can get it second hand a little cheaper and then it might be something to think of...
    But i think u should put ur money into VF4 (If u are looking for fighters) otherwise GTA3 must be one of the greatest so far..
  • Its a good game in all seriousness.
  • thanks if [b] you hav any more sedgestions please tell me
  • What kind of games do you like?
  • i like action or fantacy or roll playing
  • Lets see...for Breathoffire4..hmm a good game. Well, I can suggest many good games but you are looking for PS2 games. Lets see.

    1) Front Mission 3 - Gear battles/ full customization/ strategy RPG
    2) Spiderman - Webslinging/ fighting / very good

    Playstation 2
    1) Spiderman The Movie - great graphics / short story / voice acting is good
    2) Final Fantasy X - everything is great in this game.

    What i can tell you breath is the games you should NOT get like:

    1) Gundam: Journey To Jaburo - PS2
    2) Star Wars: Starfighter - PS2
    3) Zone of The Enders - somewhat decent / PS2
  • Heh heh BOF4 - go with what Gene and Pinball suggested - GTA3 is a great game whereas Zone of the Enders is pants!! That's my opinion anyway! :D

    By far the best games I have played have been:

    Devil May Cry
    Soul Reaver 2
    Crazy Taxi (only played it a little bit but it's great fun!)
    Max Payne

    Hope by now you have got a few games and are enjoying your 'box of joy'!
  • Originally posted by breathoffire4@May 19 2002, 05:04 PM
    i like action or fantacy or roll playing

    Do yourself a huge favor. Forget The Bouncer. It will dissappoint you. Even if you can get it cheap. If you like fantasy, action and role playing games there is a game which has aspects of all three, in a first person perspective. Save up and get Deus Ex as soon as you can. You will love it. In my humble opinion, definately in my all time top five.