• HI All
    I need litlle help about plaing games on ps3.
    How can play ps2 games on ps3.
  • PlayStation 2 games play pretty much the same as the PS3 games do. You will have to use the SixAxis controller to play so you won't have any rumble (a big deal so some) plus you won't be able to use your PlayStation 2 memory card.

    In the Game section of your PS3 you will see a spot marked "memory card Utility PS/ PS2". Go in here and select "new internal memory card" (should be the top of the list). From here you select the type of card (PSOne or PS2) and assign it to a memory card slot. Once done your games will look to this virtual card as if it was the real thing plugged into a PlayStation 2.

    One other thing to note is PlayStation 2 games along with the PSOne games and DVD movies are still completely region locked- if you have a European PlayStation 3 it will not play Japanese or North American PS2/ PSOne games or DVD/ Blu-Ray movies.

    If you aren't sure if a certain game will work you can check here- it's a list set up by Sony for the European countries to show how well PS2 and PSOne games will work. This gets improved upon with every firmware update.
  • KLIK said:
    ...How can play ps2 games on ps3...

    Obviously I noticed that bit a bit more than Lyn. Now it's all good what he said granted, but he did not really answer your question did he?
    How can you play PS2 games on your PS3?
    In order for a PS2 (or PS1 game for that matter) to recognise you have a controller "inserted" then you have to physically connect your SIXAXIS Controller to your PS3 with the supplied mini-usb cable.
    Once the game has loaded, press the PS button on your SIXAXIS and the led will flash as normal and then the game will recognise there is a controller inserted.

    Then, as Lyndon correctly stated, you will require an area on your PS3s Hard Drive specially created as a kind of "phantom" memory card, which will allow you to save your games progress.

    I hope we've cleared up your question now KLIK :D

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