Hercules need help
  • can anyone tell where to get some cheats from, for Hercules playstation 1 for my mum
  • Try pushing X, X, Square, Triangle, Up, Up, Right, L1- this should give invincibility. The source didn't say in-game or paused but considering the X is there it is likely while the game is playing.

    Other than that the only thing to be found are level passwords:

    Centaur, Shiled, Hydra, Herc Head----Big Olive
    Centaur, Herc Head, Minotaur, Archer----Centaur's Forest
    Helmet, Pegasus, Herc Head, Archer----Cyclop's Attack
    Hydra, Medusa, Shield, Medusa----Hero's Gauntlet
    Shield, Helmet, Shield, Soldier----Hydra Canyon
    Archer, Pegasus, Archer, Centaur----Medusa's Lair
    Medusa, Soldier, Centaur, Pegasus----Passageway of Eternal Torment
    Soldier, Shield, Shield, Lightning----Titan Fight
    Pegasus, Soldier, Centaur, Soldier----True Hero
    Soldier, Lightning, Soldier, Centaur----Vortex of Souls
  • Thank you for your help