Atlantis: The lost Empire
  • I'm on the Fire Trial level. I have gone through the Ice Trial already, and found the ice crystal, but I can't find it anywhere on the Fire Trial, it said something about a big stone head, and I found that, but I also can't find a way to move it.
    Help is much appricated,
  • Here is a walkthrough i found for this level of the game.

    You'll start off on a slab of rock in a sea of lava. You'll have to
    jump to the other slabs, but be quick about it! They will start to
    shake and fall into the lava after you touch one. Continue hopping
    along until you come to a green slab. Jump on it and it will act as an
    elevator to carry you up a level. Go across the bridge, be careful, it
    will fall like the slabs, to a radio and another green lift.

    Ignore the radio and go down the lift. Continue jumping around in this
    manner until you reach another green lift that will carry you up to a
    clear crystal and to your right will be a block. Punch it to reveal a
    First Aid Kit. Turn around and you'll see a long bridge, as well as the
    'A[1]' Atlantean Symbol to the right of it. Go across the bridge, again
    beware of falling slabs, and go up to the door that will open to reveal
    a passage with a radio.

    Punch the block next to the clear crystal to get an Antivenin and then
    kill the crab thing that approaches you. Now go to the radio and switch
    to Vinny. Go up to the journal page by the river of lava and it will
    tell you that either Milo or Vinny can push the rock. Go up to the huge
    pillar and press TRIANGLE to drop some dynamite. Quickly run away and
    then push the rock towards the fallen pillar (watch out for the lava
    monster). Now you can safely run across to the other side.

    Do not continue forward, instead turn to your right to see a side door.
    Jump on the ledge (that will sink) and go towards the door to find
    yourself in a hall with a crab, tiger, and beetle as enemies. Kill all
    of them and go to the end where there are 2 blocks, the right contains
    an Antivenin, and the left contains the Lava Crystal!

    Now you can go back to the place with the lava monster and proceed down
    the hall with flames on either side. Punch the block on the right to
    find a Can of Food, then continue to kill 2 crab enemies. Further down
    you'll meet a lava monster, who takes 3 hits with the boomerang to kill,
    as well as an Antivenin and Orange Crystal in the blocks beside him.
    You'll come to a similar situation as before except with 2 pillars and
    only 1 block, this means you'll have to alternate.

    As Vinny, blow both of the pillars up by pressing TRIANGLE when the "!"
    appears above his head. Also, near the right pillar you can find the
    'T[1]' Atlantean Symbol. Push the block to the left side and use it to
    climb up on the fallen pillar and walk across to the other side. Go
    down the hall, killing the crab and beetle, into a room with what seems
    to be fireflies and 2 Antivenins in the blocks on either side of the

    Go to the journal page that will inform you that Milo can climb up dark
    walls like the one in front of you. Climb it as you would a ladder and
    another journal page will tell you about the dark ceiling that Milo can
    climb just as you did in the Ulysses level. Jump up and grab onto it,
    then climb over to a ledge with a block that contains another Lava
    Crystal. Jump down and go back across the fallen pillar. Push the
    block to the right pillar and walk across it to come to a locked door.

    On either side of the door are 2 teal things, go up to both of them and
    use the Lava Crystals on them, which will unlock the door, allowing you
    to proceed. In this tunnel you'll see a stone face on the wall
    breathing fire which blocks your path. Simply push the block over to
    the face in order to stop the fire. You can keep pushing it through the
    next fire-breathing face, but stop in order to collect 'L' Atlantean
    Symbol on the left ledge (just stand on the block and jump to it).

    Push it to the last face and go forward to meet a Lava Monster to
    destroy. In the block on your left you'll find another Orange Crystal,
    as well as a crab thing to kill. Watch out for the fireflies, you can
    always duck by pressing L1. Kill yet another Lava Monster and continue
    down the hall, killing things and punching all of the blocks to obtain
    Antivenins and First Aid Kits.

    You'll come to a sort of gauntlet where you'll have to run across a
    narrow walkway, avoiding being hit by the fire-breathing face, as well
    as a jumping fireball. Once you make it to the other side, touch the
    radio to activate the checkpoint. Go towards the door and enter a room
    with symbols along the edges and a rotating statue in the middle. Kill
    everything in this room and collect the golden heart. As Milo, you'll
    have to activate the symbols in the correct order. The combination is:
    first on the right, last on the right, middle on the left. Before you
    leave collect the 'A[2]' Atlantean Symbol in the back right corner of
    this room.

    Leave the room and go to your left to see the 3 green platforms you
    raised as a result. Jump across them to the other side where 2 fire-
    breathing face statues will be turning. Go between the flames as they
    turn away from each other and then proceed down the tunnel. Destroy the
    block on the right for a First Aid Kit and kill the beetle. Continue
    down this tunnel, killing things and grabbing items, and then go through
    the door to the next area.

    You'll find yourself in a very large room. Go to the very end and turn
    right, go down that path and use the radio to turn into Vinny. Now go
    back to the main room and you'll see on the left side a ledge held up by
    2 pillars. Go around the pillar that is farther away from you and press
    TRIANGLE when you see the "!" above Vinny's head. This will set
    dynamite and create a ramp for you to get up. Go back to the radio and
    switch to Milo.

    Now you can go up the ramp and climb the dark-surfaced wall to an area
    with 2 poison beetles. Kill them and go to the right where you'll find
    yourself back in the large room. Jump from ledge to ledge until you
    come to the top of a pillar with the 'N' Atlantean Symbol. Grab it and
    also switch to Gaetan (1 right of Milo) at the radio, then continue
    across where you'll see a pillar and a black trail behind you. Grab
    onto it and pull it back to create another ramp. Go on the ramp and
    jump to your left into an area.

    Kill everything in here and go to the journal page in the middle. Press
    TRIANGLE to dig a hole. You'll fall into a room with 2 walking beetles.
    Kill them and then examine the switch on the right wall to move a giant
    statue head somewhere. Also behind one of the torches in this circular
    room you can find the 'T[2]' Atlantean Symbol. Continue down this hall
    and through the door to find yourself in the gigantic room again.

    Turn to the right and go to the end and down the right path again to
    find yourself in another large area with some monsters (by the way, you
    can switch to Milo if you want). Kill them all and up on the left side
    of the platform, near the fireflies, you'll see the Green Crystal for
    this level.

    Now go through the passage that was opened and kill the lava monster
    that appears. Go to the end of the room and destroy the block to get
    the Fire Gem! Now go back to the gigantic room where you used dynamite
    on the pillar and this time go to the left side of the very back of the
    room to see 2 clear crystals across a small gap of lava. Jump over to
    collect them and a secret passage will be revealed.

    Go down the tunnel, where you'll find Antivenin and a radio. Keep going
    down, killing monsters on your way until you come to a river of lava and
    green platforms floating along it. Go to the left side and jump on one
    of the green floating platforms as it comes by. Now ride this one until
    you'll come to another green platform and jump onto this one as it
    passes. This could be a Disney ride... oh wait ;) Duck or jump when
    you come to the rows of fire and you'll see an exit to your left. Do
    not jump off yet though! Instead ride it around again and you'll pass
    through the 'I' Atlantean Symbol.

    Now you can exit to the left. Touch the radio to activate the
    checkpoint and then ride the green platform down. As you enter this
    area you can get the last 'S' Atlantean Symbol in the right corner. Now
    go to the edge and as soon as you see one of the green platforms pop up,
    jump on it. Jump on one of the other green platforms going the other
    way as it passes you. You only have one chance at this or else you will

    Ride this up a lava fall (like a waterfall) and then jump off to a ledge
    on your right where you'll encounter a walking beetle to kill. Kill all
    of the enemies along this way, as well as collecting all of the items in
    the blocks, then go towards the door. Go to the edge as you did
    previously and jump on the green platform. Ride this to the end and
    promptly jump off before it sinks. Go towards the black entrance to
    exit the level. END
  • I've been trying to find a walk through, you are my new favorite person in the entire world. Thanks again.