Legend Of Mana - PS1
  • I just received legend of mana through the mail after buying it on ebay. I put it in my ps2 and it runs perfectly. But when I try to save it says it cannot find a memory card, and i have the memory card inserted.

    I played this game a couple years ago, and I was able to save. Although, I have a new ps2 and a new memory card. I don't know what's wrong. I think it's the memory card.

    Does anybody know? Please help me, this is a great game and I need to be able to save :(
  • You need to use a PSOne memory card to save progress on PSOne games, Brian. They use a completely different format than PS2 games.
  • Yea, I bought a ps1 memory card off of ebay on friday, and it came yesterday. It say's that it saves, but when i reset it, theres no data to load.