nintendo "battle city game" on ps2 ?
  • DO you know of any identical game like battle city in nintendo that would run on ps2.
    I have played this game long time back on a separate console now I found the same game on gameboy advance, and for the passion I had to purchase gameboy advance and the game, But still I did not enjoy it as the screen is too small.
    I would like to play the game on ps2 does SONY has this game or any other game identical to this. Because my two brothers and my kids all play this game as challenge. I am 47 years old and my son is 12, second is 7 and third one is 6 years old and we still play like friends.
    PS2 has changed our gaming scenario completely, we spend almot 3 hours of gaming every day, except for saturday and sunday where sky is the limit and nothing stopping as we spend almost whole day gaming.
    I will appreciate if you could help me find this game. thanks in advance and best rgds,
  • I honestly do not know of any games similar to Battle City unless you maybe find something like it on one of the classic game collections. I highly doubt, however, that you will find Battle City itself on the PlayStation 2 anytime soon.