• Hi i thought i would have a go at connecting my ps2 to the internet but ive experienced a few problems. I have connected an ethernet cable to my ps2 and then to a wireless router which connects to our router downstairs. When i test the connection it is all fine, however when i try and play fifa it gives me a message saying:

    network error (-613)
    there was an error in the response from the dns server

    Anyone know of any ways to solve this?

    Many Thanks

    EDIT: Sorry meant to post in the console forum, feel free to move it
  • You may need to recheck the numbers you used for the DNS servers in your PS2's connection and make sure they match up with what your router downstairs uses. If you didn't put these in originally doing so may fix things up.
  • Ok cheers, ill try that. Should it work though using two wireless routers like that?
  • I did get the wrong numbers the first time, so i inputted the new numbers but im still getting the same error message.
  • Yes, using two routers as you are doing could be complicating things. I take it the main router is too far away to connect the PS2 in directly?

    You may have to go into the other router's settings (the one connected to the PS2) and make sure things are matched up there as well.
  • Yeh the router is downstairs and i am upstairs so i used our old linksys wmp54G to connect up to my ps2.

    WHat would i need to configure on the linksys one to get it working?
  • You would need to be able to get into its configuration area on a computer. If your main computer has a wireless card you should be able to get it that way. One other option would be to connect it directly to your computer via ethernet and go at it.