need help hooking up my ps2 slim online without a disc
  • i hooked up my ps2 slim ethernet cord to m internet modem and when i do the test connection it keeps giving me a "Timeout error". I've called about everybody and nobody is helping and i even returned my ps2 slim and got another one and it's still giving me the same message. When i talked my provider (Timewarner) they said they can see me online with the ps2 on their computers. So whats the problem? Please help me cuz i'm about to get rid of this ps2 slim. thanks
  • If you are connecting ditrectly to your modem with the Ps2 you may need to shut it down for a few seconds to re-initialize it when you do the switch. Also, go through your settings and make sure everything is as it should be regarding some of the numbers such as the DNS servers.
  • Sir i have ADSL modem and i have connected it to my ps2(slim). now here is a problem with network settings and i also dont have the induction CD actually i lost it. so, can't u tell me the exact setting of my ps2(slim).

    I am waiting for your reply... Please be quick
  • Afraid I would not be able to tell you your exact settings but if your internet provider should be able to tell you certain bits like the DNS Server addresses.

    If you check your other games with online capability you should be able to find one that has the set up routine built in.