help! PS3 malfunction
  • I have a question about my PS3 60GB which was recently been having problems. A few days ago will I was playing a game it froze. Not knowing what to do, I have up after pressing all the buttons on my controller and failed attempts at trying to turn it off and took the out. The screen remained with the same image, and stayed frozen. I went away and came back 5 minutes later to find it had turned off by itself, and that there were no lights (the red light wasn't even on) which apparently isn't right. The day after the situation was the same. I came back after a week to find the red light had come back on. Now it seems to be functioning fine... but my question is if I should be concerned that it will shut down on me again, or if this is a major problem. The warranty will be up in a few months, and I don't want to end up with a broken PS3 and have $700 gone to waste :eek:
  • Sounds like your system may have overheated a bit. Is the system in a place where it can get plenty of air, say, sitting on a table beside the tv?

    It is also possible that you do actually have a defective system. While it has been quite rare there have been a few with problems regarding the hard drive. You may want to check with Sony's tech support while you still have some warranty left- they may do an exchange for another system.
  • thanks. well, it's sitting under my tv so i'm not sure if it gets enough air there, but when i touched it while it was frozen it wasn't hot (didn't burn my hand off or anything). i did contact SCEA or whatever the ps3 helpine is called, and they did agree to replace it with a new one, but now that it's actually working i'm not sure if they'll still replace it...
  • Chances are it may be a bit too closed in down there- you may want to try it elsewhere. If they did agree to replace it and took down details for where to send the package to put it in they will be replacing it.