need legend of Mana help
  • I am pulling out my hair on the lucky clover!!!! I am in Geo with Elazul who I am supose to be there with and have talked to the girl with the green hair in the class-room and i have done all i know to do and cannot get anywhere with it. all she ever says is hello or hi....Dauh am I dumb or what can some one help me
  • You need both The Looking Glass Tower and the Tome of Magic for this.

    Talk to Esmerelda at the Academy of magic first then get Elazul to join you at the Domina Pub. Go into Geo and talk to Esmerelda when she is in the classroom. Talk to her again when she is in the library, then again in the classroom and one more time in the library. She will join you at this time.

    Now go to the Palace of Arts and talk to Kristie. Head downstairs and talk to Diana. Once this is done head to the principal's office when it is Dryad Day. Head into the cafe and talk to the Teapo behind the counter. Go back to the Geo map and back into the cafe. Find Elazul at this point and say "a note came". You will then meet up with the inspector at the school and head back to the Palace of Arts. Talk to Kristie and then Diana again.

    This will lead you to a battle with the Jewel Beast. It moves slowly, letting you avoid attacks easily. Use quick attacks and techniques to defeat it.
  • lol I fallowed those and nothing is happening!!!!!! after she told me her name and I went to get Elazul and came back.... the classroom she only says hello!... in the library she just says hi! many times do i have to run back and forth between the three I missing some thing