no ps2 demo disk
  • I have bought a slim ps2 on 07/07/07 from Kolkata but I cannot buy any game as they are very costly. So,can you please tell me where can I download ps2 games for free or any demos ?
  • I have registered my ps2 but I have not got my demo disk can you tell me where can I get the demodisk ?
  • With all due respect, that is something that should have been considered before buying the system.

    You might be able to snag some demo discs at the game stores but as for "free games", no. Any place that offers free games as you describe is doing so illegally. We at Absolute PlayStation are very much against game piracy and that is exactly what that is.

    I'll lock this to avoid anyone getting into a shouting match over it.
  • You will have to contact Sony themselves about that one- the number to call is in the manual that came with the PlayStation 2.
  • Sir, can you please tell me the cost of the ps2 demo disk and the network disk ?
    Sir, I even read in a magazine named "Digit" that ps2 games are available for free,so can you please tell me the websites where I can download demo ps2 games ?
  • There should be no cost at all for the demo disc. As for the network disc, you may have to look to eBay to get one if not available from Sony themselves. Again, you will have to talk to Sony about it at the tech support number found in the manual.

    As I mentioned in your other thread, the sites that are offering free PlayStation 2 games are doing so without consent from Sony and are 100% illegal. I ask you to kindly not bring up the topic of downloading the games again.

    There are no demos that you can download, either, but some games do have demo versions available on disc and can be found in stores as a promotional item or, in some cases, from the game maker themselves through a sign up form on their web site.
  • Our policy towards piracy and any means of illegally obtaining games is clearly stated in the rules thread at the top of this forum. We have politely asked once and will not ask again for you to refrain from talking about such topics. If you can't afford games, get a job.
  • Does a ps2 demo disk come out everyday or in every month ??
  • No, they don't send them out every month. That demo disc is a one-time thing for new owners. You may get the occassional new demo disc from them but don't count on it. You will have to rely on the game stores for the majority of the demos you get.
  • So I have got my first demo disk .But if they come out every month do I have to pay money to get them or are they available free ? Where can I get them ?
  • You do not get sent a demo disk each month (as i said above). In all likelihood you will only receive the one disc you got already directly from Sony. Any further demo discs you will have to check with gaming stores- some are free for the asking, others are given out when you preorder certain games. You may also want to check the gaming magazines in your area- maybe one of them has a disc included with each issue.