Ps 2 original not the slim
  • I have an original ps2 console, i was playing games on it last night and no matter which games i played they either froze for a moment or froze completely. This just started happening. Last year i put in a new laser myself, the original lasting 5 yrs. I wouldnt expect this one to be having problems so soon. I took it apart completely and cleaned everything, it still does the same thing. Any response is appriciated
  • The only thing i can think of is an overheating problem. Is the system sitting in an enclosed area?
  • It sits out in the open, it was pretty dusty before i cleaned it completely. The fan works perfectly. The only other thing i can think of is maybe the laser is out of adjustment. Ill try adjusting it. If that doesnt work well ill save for the P S 3 in a year or so. I have never bought xbox or play station the first year they came out.