• Hello Everyone!
    Most of you must know that SSX is my favorite game...well...
    I do play it quite a bit and have gotten very good. I have lots of medals and I can do tricks somewhat good as well.
    The problem I am having is that in Pipedreams I am unable to get over 12000 points to unlock untracked.......Sure I can use the cheats to get there but I really want to do it right!
    Can anyone give me some tips on perfecting my tricks to get the higher points??????
  • Worf,this really should have been placed in the PS2 Game Help area.I'll put it in there for people to answer.
  • Pipedreams isnt that hard, if u race down the track and do ur regular tricks, and in the end u have a little halfpipe in the middle of the track, race up that one and then back up the track, and do that over and over until ur time runs out...
  • Also, instead of going up the centre track veer right and go into a sort of mini ice-cave. When you come out of this get a big jump on the ramp and you could get a snowflake that will get you 30-40,000 points.

    Best of luck
  • Also make a stop at one of the two bowls right before a check point half way down or so. You can get off a bunch of good flips and just before your time runs out, hop accross the check point! Good luck :cool:
  • Sorry Lyndon!
    I was kinda sleepy well I started this post..... I'll open my eyes more next time :tired:
  • Thanks Pinballwizard!
    I will give that a try later on....
    I also played a few SSX games tonight and I tryed a few different thinks, well my scores were somewhat higher.... :laugh:
  • Just to add to what was said earlier re: the huge halfpipe at the end of the course...You can save time on it by pressing select as soon as you land the jump.
  • Hey Petthebunny,
    Thanks for the tip! :laugh:
  • To unlock UNTRACKED you have to earn a medal on Aloha Ice Jam and Pipedream.

    Pipedream is a massive level that serves only one pupose: earning you points. To get the ultimate score (without cheating), you will need to master the art of jumping from rail to rail. Time your jumps for the last second, otherwise you'll probably end up falling short.

    THE CENTER RAIL: You will come to three rails splitting off like a roller coaster track. Ride the middle rail and you'll be on the fast track to some big points. You'll hit two multipliers that will totally pump up your score. Hit a real combo as you leave the rail and you can easily walk away with more than 10,000 points. This is one of the best ways to earn points on your quest for the Gold Medal.

    RAIL AFTER RAIL: A series of pipes will be found after you see the Pipedream sign. Hop onto one of the rails and grab the multipliers. If you can ride the whole course, you'll have a chance to drop onto a rail on a lower level. Each rail you land on will add to your score. The multipliers will aslo pump you up. Think of this area as little bit of insurance on your way to the cheat area near the end of the course.

    Hope this helps you more.

  • Thanks for the tip Charm!! :laugh3: