PS3 Web design
  • I have noticed that pretty much all websites show up like crap on the playstation3. I was wondering is there some kind of setting I missed that turns all websites into a side scrolling nightmare? If not a couple things that could be done is.

    Smaller images (they are displayed much bigger on the TV anyway)
    Smaller text
    check compatibility during design process

    I was also wondering if the ps3 browser supports flash games or java applets. I am interested in starting an online games website made for the ps3. Flash games are a huge hit and I think it could definatly become a huge success for the playstation3.

    If anyone would like to join me in this project, please let me know.

    I am a webdesigner and I am looking for people with the following skills.
    flash programing
    php and sql (I know some but not much im still learning)
    graphics (I do minor graphics work in fireworks but only commercial so nothing to flashy.)
    Advertising and finding sponsors

    let me know what you think and also list some ideas.

    another project I was thinking about was making is a website with one big frame and a url bar that loads websites and resizes it to fit your screen resolution ie. regular TVs are like 480 HD is 1080 or 720 then resize everything to a percentage of the real thing using css to fit the screen resolution set by the user.

    For this I would need
    css experts

    both of these projects have a serious potential for ad revenue because if they catch on they will be the first of their kind
  • Thank you girlzlover12 for your suggestions, unfortunately, although they were pretty good, you ended up posting them on the wrong site.

    We are a community forum that is in no way connected to Sony one little bit.
    Sure some people from Sony may look in on us every now and then, but they have their own official forums as well as an online blog found at Playstation.Blog

    So you could always try posting your suggestions there as the Sony people, supposedly, check that every day.

    Don't disappear from these forums though as we have a great little community here that you can have fun talking to.

    Thank you again for joining us, I hope we see you around here a lot more.

    Site Squad
  • Why does sony need to be involved it would be regular websites just like this one only if you load this website in the ps3 browser it wont display right and you will constantly scroll back and forth. Sony would maybe offer to sell me a developer kit once they have more in stock for the low low price of $20k+

    if the flash media player is compatible with the ps3 simple flash games could be coded using the mouse as a center point of lets say a car for a racing game and when you move the mouse using the joystick L3 the car would move from left to right. I don't know if you could set the game to pickup the directional pad as awsd keyboard keys in which case most flash games would be compatible and would simple have to be checked for compatibility and added to the games list

    I don't think it supports java applets yet so games such as runescape would probably not run on it.

    edit: Fishy (flash game) works on the playstation although there is a lot of run this plugin prompts to get there is there a way of turning them of?
  • One of the latest updates in firmware did update the browser to support Flash but only up to version 7 or so- Sony's plug in isn't exactly up to date. java still isn't supported in the PS3 browser, either, as you surmised.

    Sony would have to be involved somewhat as it is their browser and you would need to know some of the specifics of it. What little browsing i have done, however, i have had no problems with it. It still is a far cry from using Firefox on the Pc, however. Until they can make it more on par with what is on computers i'll be leaving the PS3 browser alone.
  • I think very soon the ps3 browser will make a huge leap forward I have tested more flash games on the ps3 and have started setting up an arcade script.

    Next I will modify the template so that everything looks good on the ps3

    what would you guys prefer: the game loading on the same page with the navigationbar on the side or in a popup the size of the screen

    Im leaning toward the second choice because if you hit the joystick it will scroll up and down and can potentially make you loose the game
  • I agree with you about the second option. The popup would be a better idea.
  • I have made a lot of progress on the website so far I will post a link later. Im still working on making it fit better. If you set the resolution to -2 in your ps3 browser there is maybe an inch of sidescroll.

    My first host shut down the account for some reason. I guess thats what you get with a free host so I switched hosts. I work for a hosting company so once its ready I will put it on one of our servers.

    Anybody want to test out some games to see if they work with the playstation and list them here it would save me a lot of time.
  • I think a simple games can be created with the help of the javascript. By the way, I'm an HTML and CSS2 coder and would be interested to work in this direction.