007 Agent Under Fire
  • Does Anyone know what to do once your in the chics office after you just meet the two twins, bebe and Bella?
  • Use the computer on the right (if you're looking towards the window, if you're looking the other way then the left) and this will open the door closest to the computer.
  • Yeah, I got stuck on this for a while when I first played it.
    You have to turn I think both switches on both the twins computers. There shood be a green switch by each. You might have to you your Q-control. I forget because I havent played it in a long time.
  • acually you only have to open the door to your right, when facing the portrate and mountians. This will not trip the alarm either, if you only open this door, so it is the best way to do it. The switch is on the desk on the right, when facing the mountians. ( the same side as the door)