Happy Bday Sue
  • Congratulations on reaching the century mark Susan B STAFF, has the Queen sent you a letter yet? :laugh: haha

    Well I would never have thought you were that old, you don't seem a day over hmm...best be kind here, 30? Or should I be kinder? How about 21 again? 18? Ooh sweet 16, lol

    Anyway, however old you REALLY are, happy birthday Sue and many happy returns :)
  • From one Geezer to another...

    Best Wishes on your Birthday!:hug:
  • :huh::eek: Lol, I really hope she isn't 99. The dude in her profile picture definitely is that age, but I doubt he plays as many video games as Sue does.

    Well Sue, if it really is your 99th birthday, and we aren't being cruelly tricked... Happy Birthday. From what little I do know about you, I can tell that you are a very kind and generous person :) Come back soon and let us know how the day went!
  • happy B-day Susan- i must say you look remarkably well preserved for hitting the 100 mark. That is a long bit of cookie baking there! B)
  • Happy 21st b-day ;)

    Hope you had a great day

    your api son
  • Happy 21st or 99th or 100th B-day ;) I know lets just say you've just turned 18 ;).....

    Happy B-Day..... :)
  • Happy Birthday Susan!!:)

    Hope you had a great day with your son and hubby. Did they do anything special for ya on your day?

    Oh, and don't worry, your secret age is safe with me.;)
    Happy Birthday! Here's hoping it was one of the greatest!