• Hey, somebody can give me some help for tenchu 2, please
  • I know I shouldn't answer stuff here but, just so that u know, I think this question should be at the bar or PSOne game help...
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    Kain is right this belongs in the PSone Games Help Forum for a better response.

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  • The other thing is, you need to be more specific, help with what?
  • To get you started, try looking at these past two threads on Tenchu2 (just click on the links).
  • [b]Just to add in here,we do have two game guides that people sent in on Tenchu 2 on the main site.Links to both are at http://www.absolute-playstation.com/api_tip_walk_t.htm .
  • well here u go

    on the character/mission selection screen , press down to highlight one of the blank(_)missions.Hold square and press right,left,down,release square, and hold circle and press left,right,up(keeping circle held)hold square and press up,down.All missions will now appear.

    Pause during play and press R1,L1,R1,L2.Hold triangle and press down x3,up.When u let go of the triangle button,the game will unpause and u should be able to kill enemies in one blow.