• yesterday i was playin a game , it froze so i pushed home , then i turned it off.today none of my games will start.PLEASE HELP.
  • It is somewhat odd that something like that would happen. :huh: Have you pulled the battery out and inserted it again to make sure it is connecting tightly? Something may have happened there. You may want to try the PSP with the adapter plugged in as well if the first solution doesn't work.
  • its the screen that u see when u turn on ur psp,when i put in the umd nothing hapens,u can hear it turning,but nothing happns

    *i tried the solutions they didnt work but thanks anyway*
  • Hmm, ok- at least your system will turn on so it isn't bricked. Your PSP may have reverted to being set up to not start a disc when they are entered- you can check this in the Settings menu under System Settings. This was added in one of the last few firmware updates. have you tried selecting the disc in the game menu when it shows up (it is showing there?)?
  • i set it ti run on start , but the umd icon dosent even show up
  • You may want to give the disc a bit of a wipe- I've found the cover getting messed up with fingerprints will make the discs unreadable over time. Give the actual disc a quick wipe as well using a soft cloth going from the center out.

    If it still doesn't work after that you may have to contact Sony regarding this. If your PSP is under a year old you're covered under warranty- you may need to say it was a gift if you don't have the receipt.
  • it didnt work , but my psp is 6 months old so i should be able to get a new 1:D