My Rush Hour 3 Trailer
  • Just been on the Rush Hour 3 website where you can make your own trailer.
    Well you use the French Trailer and then edit the English subtitles in it, below is my Trailer (I hope)

    Jay's Rush Hour 3 French Trailer
  • Odds are, your trailer is funnier than the entire movie :)

    I like the part where he says "I don't know my left from my right". Good job with that Jason.

    I just saw a review for the movie by the Herald. The heading says "Rush Job". Now that is hilarious.
  • Why thank you MCW, very nice of you to say all that about my trailer.

    I really thought that bit was hilarious as well, best part, although I like the bit in the taxi where he calls Chris Tucker's character "Air Jordan", lol.
    Oh, and how I changed it when he goes into the girls dressing room and asks if anyone wants a Cheese Omelette, that bit I thought was good as well, haha :laugh:

    So you done a trailer yourself man? You really should, then post it on here for everyone to look at :D