007 Agent Under Fire
  • On the mission, i think its number 8 or 9, the one where your on that transort and you use the AK, at the end of that where Bloch shuts down the vent fan and the lava starts pourin in i don't know what to do and i always die, can anyone tell me what to do.
  • You may have already figured all of this out, but I figured I'd respond anyway...just in case. :)
    Here's the info I found...I think it's the spot u'r referring to...if not, let me know and I'll find more.

    Level 8 - Fire and Water

    - Obtain the crane program with your Q-Remote.

    - Cut the lock on the door next to the crane program computer.

    - Use the Q-Remote to drop the crate hanging directly outside the computer
  • I know what you are talking about. After you ride the little cart and the fan stops spinning. Kill all the guys that are shooting the missile at you. You will get a awsome bazooka. Then look up and fire a shot at the 3 little red things. You can controle the missile until it hits. Hit all 3 of them and then you will be done. :cool: