Idk How To Start Up Online-please Help
  • Ok I Have Dsl And I Got The Router...i Got The 20 Gb And Idk How To Get Online....can U Please Tell Me Where I Should Put What Wire And Wat Info I Need To Fill In To Start Up Online....
  • The wire going out from your modem (currently going into your computer) goes into the WAN port on the router. Other ethernet cables then go from the router's out ports (numbered 1 to 4 usually) to the devices going online that way, namely your computer and the PS3.

    Once you have the router hooked up and installed ( which should only take afew minutes) you should be able to get online with the PS3 using all Auto settings (most times) when you go into the Network Settings at the bottom of the System menu. If, by chance, this doesn't work you will need to enter some settings manually. When setting up the PS3 network connection you will need the router's IP address (found in the router instructions), the Subnet mask (normally and the DNS addresses (usually primary and secondary- these are set by your internet provider and you should be able to find this in the router's status page).
  • It Did Everything And Went To Sign Up But It Keeps Telling Me That An Ethernet Is Not Connected...
  • When I Do The Setting Custom And Auto Everything I Get Error 80028ea6 During My Connection Test....
  • If you still get that "ethernet cable not connected" message recheck to make sure you have everything hooked up correctly and that everything is secure. If everything was in place pull the cable out and plug it back in, making sure it is in snug. I'm assuming the router install went ok as you were able to get online with your computer with no problems.

    It's possible your PS3 may be getting blocked by the router's firewall. You can try a couple of different things here. One is put the PS3 into what is called the DMZ (demilitarized zone). You may need your PS3's MAC address for this, which can be found in System Information. Some routers will ask for the system's IP address- if yours does you can make one up for it somewhere in the range that your router allows.

    The other option is enabling DHCP, which lets you assign specific IP addreses to anything going online through your router. Again, you will need that MAC address for this. once you get to the right section make sure it says DHCP is enabled and add in the PS3's MAC address and whatever IP you want to give it (if you had put an IP address in the PS3's settings for the PS3 use that). Hit the save or Apply button and you should be good to go.
  • Hi i have the same problem as fsn1018 so i thought i'd just reply here instead of making a new topic.
    Gah i hate being such i bother but could you walk me through the 2 suggestions you have above about the DMz and DHCP? (if not that's fine ^^)
    I use windows XP if that helps.

    Edit: Actually the problem is most likely the fact that the Local Area Connention which is the router says "Network cable unplugged" and yet everything seems to be plugged in fine. My brother had his computer hooked up to the internet via this router and worked perfectly fined before this message came up. As you can probably tell im not all that good with computers and all the technical mumbo jumbo, would love to learn though. Anywho im going to unplug and then re-plug it all in and see if that helps at all.
  • It likely wouldn't hurt to doublecheck all of the connections. usually when the connection manager says that it is the cable bringing the internet to the router (the WAN) cable with a problem or the power cord.

    How to get to the DHCP or DMZ varies by router- each brand goes about it in different ways. If you could tell me what brand and model router you are using i should be able to dig up the answer.
  • Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC

    o_O I think that's it. I got that from the Network connentions>Local area connection>properties>General>Connect using
    because it doesn't really say much on the actual router except "Skymaster, quality connections"
    it also says on the router: "8 ports 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch" so there's some more info.

    You're so knowledgeable Lyndon, i envy you. ^^
  • Actually, that first bit would be the ethernet card inside the computer.

    After a quick search i don't believe that box is a router but a simple switch box. The difference is in how the things handle sharing the connections. An actual router will give you full speed regardless of the number of devices on at once- a switch shares the connection, meaning the more devices on the more your bandwidth gets divvied up, making for slower connection speeds if your computer and PS3 were on at the same time. There really isn't anything to configure on it to do things i have suggested to others.

    I would suggest talking to your brother about maybe changing that Skymaster box out and using a router from known companies such as Linksys, D-Link or Belkin. They can be had quite cheap these days, especially the wired connection-only models.

    Meantime, have you tried going into the PS3's Network Settings (at the bottom of the Settings menu) to try setting things up? using the switch you should be able to choose all "easy" and have things picked up by the Ps3 automatically.
  • Ok, but that is all it says on the router T___T
    I'm from Australia too, so there may be some brands you've never heard of.
    My mum bought the router so i doubt it'd be of any high quality or anything.
    We are going to go to this guy next week who fixed our computer last year and ask him about it.

    Edit: Ah ok, i'll go out and buy a router then, average price? Yes i have tried and yet it still comes up and says that there is no ethernet connected.

    Kewl, thank-you!
  • This is true regarding the brands- however, the page i checked when doing a Google search turned up enough details to let me know enough about it.

    Just as a guide i did a quick look for a Linksys router price in Australia- Computer Superstore has the Linksys BEFSR41 Australian model for $79.99 (yes, that is in Australian currency). You may be able to find it a bit cheaper elsewhere, though.
  • Yay i have enough money! ^^
    Thank-you again for all your hard work.
    I'll go buy one on the weekend. And if i have any problems with that then ill surely be back to pester you with more questions! :P