Room 401 T.V. Show
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    Normally I would not in any way endorse MTV. The channel is crap. Has been for many many years. But despite completely losing the point (M.T.V... hmm, what does that stand for?) of the channel, there are 1 or 2 shows that are actually watchable. One being Rob & Big (Rich skater guy you've never heard of with big fat security guard that lives with him. They also have a miniature horse and a bulldog) and the other being the point of this thread.

    A new show just started on the channel called "Room 401". If you haven't watched it, the premise is basically that the show is a prank show. It is like that one show "Scare Tactics" that used to come on, in that all of the pranks are meant to scare the crud out of people.

    I recommend the show, it's pretty funny to see these peoples reactions. If you have MTV, you can catch the show at random times, but if you want to see it now, MTV was nice enough to make all of the recent episodes available online for streaming. Watch them here, and tell me what you think. I think Episode 1 is the best so far, but there is a new episode very week. Start with #1 and go from there ;).

    If you like the show, it'd be better to watch the new episodes on your T.V., it is just hard to see everything that is going on in the MTV streaming video box. TV=Much Bigger.