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    I was reading through the sparse amounts of excerpts I have to put up on my fiction blog and was thinking I might try taking suggestions from readers...or maybe not.Haven't decided quite yet as to what I should do.And as much as Jay thinks I'm not sick, I very much am.;)Think runny nose and sore throat and sneezing...and coughing too.I'll post the 7th excerpt tonight at midnight and see how things pan out tomorrow. I might have to postpone the 8th excerpt but we'll say.
  • That seventh excerpt is WOW :o
    To think, you wrote that from scratch as well, that is brilliant Mel.
    Like I commented, you certainly haven't lost your touch ;)

    As for the thing about you not being ill, I said you didn't mention about you being ill, I didn't mean you weren't ill, just you forgot to mention what was wrong with you. OK, I don't think that argument made much sense :bag:
    Ah well, never mind :g: