Resistance Fall of Man Problems
  • hey this is my first thread...and i need some help!

    i logged off online play on resistance just like any other day and i tried to get back on. everything was fine. I was signed in my playstation network accepted both legality things. and then when it tried to load my buddy list thing, it gave me a black screen, saying nothing but just giving me the option to go back... has anyone had this problem? what do i do?

    ive already tried restoring system settings and creating a new PSN account.

    help please :eek:
  • This is the first time I have heard of this sort of thing happening.

    i had a quick look in the technical help section of the forums (the official resistance site) and someone with the exact same problem was given help via PM by the admin (maybe it was you? The wording is very similar). Maybe you'll have better luck with this contacting Insomniac themselves.
  • Hmmm do you mean the actual Buddy list or the screen after the two legality contracts where you press select to access your buddy list....????