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    It's rough being diagnosed with an incurable disease. A couple of months ago, it happened to me. After a scary visit to my doctor, I found that I was extremely low on blood. I was told to immediately head to the hospital at that point. In the weeks leading up to this doctor visit, my stomach had become increasingly tensed up, and without going too far into it, bathroom visits were no longer normal.
  • Soo sorry to hear about your disease MCW.:( Have you tried looking into maybe an office job?:confused: I know they're more difficult to come by, but it'd be less stressful no?:)

    In any case, I read up about a lot of this disease on webmd and it seems to be fairly encouraging...saying that if symptoms get severe you would need surgery, but people who get surgery have a better quality of life.

    I hope this offers a bit of encouragement to ya MCW, being sick in itself sucks..but being depressed and sad about it can make it all the worse.

    Hopefully you're smiling by now.
    If not, SMILE!!!:)
  • Soz to hear about that man, but like Mel said, Smile :)
    how can you turn down that sorta advice from a great gal like Mel? She rules! :punk:


    ps you ever need to talk, then we're al here for you. I know you prob already know that, but just thought I'd reiterate that fact especially for you (oh and BTW, you should feel priveleged, because I rarely use BIG words like "reiterate" :laugh:)