The Final Excerpt of Book Related Material
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    Since it is now midnight on August 11, I will tell you all on here what's happening with my wordpress blog.I am going to post the last excerpt (excerpt 10) today and then will be taking a much needed break on Sunday the 12th to celebrate the monthiversary with my man.:)After the twelth I will be posting an entirely new set of stories. Not Specimen Alpha (sorry Rory), but I will post some writing I did back in High school shortly after my sophomore year. These stories will be 100% true. No fiction to them. They're just events that happened all around one summer that made my life a happy one. There will be five of them. Why only five? Because they are extremely long and I will only have enough time to post five of them before my school starts on the 27th.
  • Well done with all that Mel. Not read your last one or two excerpts yet (not been home long from my long weekend away at my mates house), gonna check them in a bit though.

    Guess you're having a well deserved rest, so chapter er whatever it is will be a while then, huh Mel?

    Never mind, you take your rest, hope you recovered from being ill, if not, then hope you're close to 100% hun :)

    Good luck with "school"


    ps speak soon, ok? :)