midnight club cheats "ALL THE CARS"
  • no matter what i do i cant unlock all the cars on midnight run and i mean the cars u wanna drive not the cop car and the meter maid ,im talkin like the hoover craft and the really suped up street cars

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    [b]I haven't played the game myself,so I really have no answer for you.Perhaps one of the members that has been playing can clarify things for you.

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  • hello Shawn:cheesy:

    are you asking for a cheat or the cheat that you are using won't work


    is it just me who can't understand the question?


    but if you are using a cheat, please tell me what it is.
    I might able to help:)
  • tell me the cheats to unlock the cars as i have found several which you do on the 'main screen' but dont work!!!
  • to get the secret cars you have to find red light beams that are hidden in different parts of each city. There are no actual codes to press that will get them for you
  • ok i need a cheat that actually works to unlock all the cars in career mode please reply back with a cheat.
  • ladies and gentle men may I have your attention please. I would like to clear up a few myths about midnight club. There is no cheat that unlocks any cars. People say there are, some have even been published, but they are all a hoax. I should know, I've beeten the game 100% twice. And as for the hover car. It looks neat, but it licks, the handleing is awful. As for the best car in the game, it is the london police car. Do a small amount of research and you will easily find directions on how to obtain every car you could desire, even the letdown of the hover craft. It looks more like a space ship if you ask me.
  • Simon is right, no cheat (that has been published) works, (not for me anyway) so Im just going through career mode as you normally would.
  • how do i beat kareen what car do i use and what route should i take and how do you get the lolndon car in career mode. Please answer my questions. I need help badly.
  • yo teddyman i just compeleted this .... pick the car with the boost, and drive around the route Kareem does, when you get to the subways he should still be green or yellow and he will turn in, then he will slow down.

    EVERYONE IM STUCK - I have completed career mode and I still am missing some cars, I can complete the police ones as i run out of time - I have tried so many times!
  • i mean i cant!!!
  • Artful, I will do a little research for you guys and post the how toos on all the cars in the game shortly, I hope that it helps