tomb raider 4 tlr
  • plz help i am at the sphinx complex revisited,i am in the tunnel straight after the bird,beaker and blade puzzles,it is a red tunnel that i am supposed to climb out of,it's a square hole over my head and i can't get out,i look up and can see what looks like a white tomb stone,if i go back down tunnel it takes me to the level b4 this,if i try to do the cheat it takes me back a level instead of forward,help i am stuck and can't climb out.
  • When you do the last beaker, bird, blade door switch turn around and go back to the previous door and turn right. From there follow these directions pulled from a walkthrough i found:

    When you get to the ditch you have a task right here to jump over it so jump right first. Now walk to the edge of this ledge facing caddy corner and left to make this difficult jump. I failed 3 times trying to make this jump so it's definetely doable. Shoot the bats over here and then jump in the water and let me remind you you'll be in the water for quite some time so save here first. It may take a few tries to get the swimming pattern in the water down pat so save and then reload if you keep drowning to retry till you get it right. When you get to the bottom of the water head right first and swim down to the next set of turns and when there go left next. Don't go up here just turn right and keep on swimming. At the next set of turns keep going straight and follow it around to the first switch. When you get up here activate the switch and then save the game.

    Jump back into the water and head back to the entrance using all the lefts and rights I said before and just reverse the order of left and right to return to the main entrance near the ditch. Once back to the main entrance save the game and then jump back in the water. When getting to the bottom head left this time and swim around going up a little and when you have a right/left area to swim head left and collect the small med-pack here. From there turn around and head up straight across and then you'll see a symbol block. Swim up this section and surface to activate this switch and then save the game.

    Head back to the entrance reversing the directions again to find the entrance
    and go up again and save the game. Jump in the water again adn go to the bottom and head straight up this section to an area that goes right and also up and go right here. Keep going a small ways and then go left heading down now and then when at this set of turns keep going straight till you get to another turn to the right. Don't go right though keep going straight here. Swim to the bottom of this section now and follow the path swimming right. Just ahead now you'll see the bird symbol stone so swim up here and activate this switch. Save the game and then head back into the water. Going back to the entrance go the same way you came but again reversing the directions. Get to the entrance and save the game again.

    Jump back in and go left first and then at the next set of turns go right and
    the switch is here so push it and save once again. Head back to the entrance and this is simple 2 reversal of directions and you're right back to the entrance.

    Save if you choose and then jump back in the water. At the bottom go right and then head up when you see the section going up. Keep going straight all the way until you see the final switch to activate. Hit the switch here which opens the gate to the main section and then turn around and run to the other side. Get the Stone Of Atum and then head back to the entrance reversing all directions I mentioned and you're finally done with this really putrid excuse for a puzzle.

    Anyways head back out of this room and then slide down the slopey area to the ledge and then jump back over the first ledge and then jump over the slight slope to leave this section.

    The final door is more of a test and you don't need to do it or enter it so just
    skip it it's just a bunch of traps and all and is very frustrating to do. All
    you do is just go through the traps which most are almost impossible to do cause of the different ways the blades go that you're better off just not doing it.

    Since all thats at the back is just a switch to open the dumb door and not a
    blasted thing to pick up back there it's better left alone. Anyways head back to the main room with the 3 pushable stones. When you get to the stones go to the side of the room with the skeleton lying on the ground and go up the door that's right in the middle here. Jump the ditches and go to this part where there is slots for each stone to fit in. Just walk up to each slot in the wall and Lara already knows which stone goes where so just do that to all 4 slots and the gate here will open.

    Don't get all excited that the gate is open either cause the level ain't over
    yet. Run past the gate and stop at the end of this room and then do a jump and grab here to grab the monkey bars here. Swing across the big gap here and now you know why I told you to hold your horses cause she'll fall down here. I got to the gate thinking the level was done and all proud of myself and then Lara falls down a dark friggin pit I was like Damn no way. Oh well. Shoot the bats when you reach the other side and then turn right and enter this room. Grab all 4 Holy Scriptures here and leave via the gate that opens when you get the last scripture. This room has some tentacles coming down from the ceiling that would have sucked your life bone dry if you hadn't gotten out fast enough.

    Save here when past this gate and then jump left in the next room and then jump right and to the middle to avoid the blades coming out of the floor here. Run to this next part and stop right where you are cause there is another 5,000 story drop here so jump and grab the monkey bars here to get across. I think Core has succeeded at pissing me off more than any game I have ever played. SAVE when you get to this side and then head right to enter another area where the level finally ends.
  • answered in wrong place
  • Ah, ok- you're at Menkaure's Pyramid now. Sorry about that.threw me off a bit mentioning the door switch puzzles. This goes from the very start of the level after what i said before:

    Walk forward a small ways and to the left is some ledges to climb so climb to the top ledge. Make sure you face North here so you can grab and open the door above you or you'll never get it to open. Turn ledt and then jump up the ledge here and grab and pull up. As soon as you get up here equip a decent weapon and kill the Mutant Scorpion that is heading towards you. Turn left when you get to the opening past the rocks and kill the Mutant Scorpion here as well. You'll also notice there is blood coming out of the scorpion and thats cause a bad guy is shooting it also. Kill the Scorpion and then kill the guy,grabbing the revolver ammo he drops. Nothing more this way so turn around and head back the opposite direction and take a left at the rocky ledges here. Take a right when entering this area and recieve the Large Med-Pack and then head back out of here. Go left at the rocky ledges and then walk to the ledge here with a semi large gap going over.

    The next jump over the gap is difficult so save first and then go caddy corner
    here and get as close to the ledge on the left as possible. The ledge won't off-set you in any way fortunately so walk to the edge left side going caddy corner. Do a run jump manuever and you don't need to grab unless it helps your momentum in making the jump. Once you've made it successfully then walk slowly up this small path in the middle of the 2 rocky ledges and a Mutant Scorpion will pop out from the right so shoot it. Head right now and then your first left to a large gap again but this one isn't so hard luckily. You probably noticed a section towards the back right with an opening and I did too. I checked it out and it was the other side of the last gap you jumped but nothing was there. Jump this other gap using the grab and pull up technique and then immediately face left. Kill the Mutant Scorpion here and then without even moving face right and kill the Giant Wasp to your right. If you kill the Wasp now it doesen't have time to attack you if you were to have moved towards it.

    Head right now where you killed the Giant Wasp and another big gap awaits you and looks pretty tough to get over so save the game before attempting this one. This gap is actually quite simple and I failed only twice doing it. See the Steep sloped section to the left? Notice the pattern of how the different slopes would go in a general direction leading to the exit of the gap? Stand on the edge being as far left as possible and do a standard jump to the first ledge. Hold jump button and then when you land on the next steep slope press the button again. This will propel you to the last steep slope on the right so hold jump button and press when you land and all of a sudden your over this gap. Actually these kind of jumps from one slope to another are really automatic if you can get the angle of your jumps down just right.

    Now over this gap draw your weapon and shoot the Giant Wasp thats sitting on the ground up ahead like before so he doesen't even stand a chance of attacking you. Save right here and now walk up to yet another gap but I'll call this one a canyon cause it's damn huge. Don't worry about the canyon so forget I mentioned it. Go right instead and open the green door here and enter this structure/building. You'll hear some evil music and if you'll turn right you'll see a Mutant Scorpion fighting with a guy. Equip or make sure you have a weapon with the sight attachment and kill the scorpion quickly before the guy dies. By killing the Scorpion off it takes you to a cut-scene with the guy who gives you 2 types of keys One is the Armory Key and the other is the Guards Keys that the guy left behind now and go left and in this back section is a small med-pack. You could've let the Scorpion kill the guy but then you don't receive the Armory Key. Go right and there is some standard shotgun shells. Turn around now and head right back past the door you entered and explore this side of the room

    In this back section to the right is some wide shotgun ammo and the left another small med-pack. Go back to the gap from earlier you jumped where it was a series of jumps and then on the right of this gap now is a ledge. Use action button to climb the ledge and shimmy your way across towards the Giangantic Pyramid. Drop down here when you reach the end and she'll slide back a small ways but don't worry she's not gonna fall. Go to the first area where you can use the hop and once on this area you must then jump to each area thats not too steep of a slope. Now jump in a diagnolly to the other part you can land without falling off the pyramid. Walk to the left side of this edge and then do a run back a step and jump manuever to make it to the next even area. I believe you slide down to some flat part below but you won't fall off the pyramid. Face left and then head on up the next few flat areas using the action button to go up it. You are now at the entrance of the Pyramid.

    Kill the Giant Wasp now guarding the entrance of the Pyramid and then walk up to the keyhole on the left and use the guards keys to enter. Now walk down a small ways to end this level.