• I was wondering what most ppl use for a headset on ps3? i was wondering if bluetooth headphones (has a mic) would work and if anyone knows how? Or is it best to go buy a usb headset?
  • Bluetooth headsets work great with the system. Most people are using one of the cheaper Motorola models such as the H300 or H500 models. Myself, i have a headset made by Plantronics. Haven't made that much use of it yet though (don't get into the online play much).

    Most headsets should work with minimal set up. If you were planning on getting Warhawk you may want to save your cash and buy the Blu-Ray version- it is coming bundled with a bluetooth headset.
  • ok sweet. i will have to figure it out tomorrow then. i haven't played too much online. but i seen the bluetooth on the ps3 and thought well i have the plantronics bluetooth headset that came with my phone and was hoping it would work because i don't have a usb microphone. thanks for the help. Now i just have to figure out how to hook up. If anyone has hooked theirs up please lmk. ty
  • Hookup is quite easy- put the headset into pairing mode as you did before with your phone. Then go into the Settings menu on your PS3 and select "Accessory Settings". Right at the top of this section is "Register Bluetooth Device". When you go here you should see a selection called "register headset". Pick that and the PS3 should detect and register your headset.
  • Thanks i got it all hooked up now. I forgot about the pairing part and was wondering why it couldn't detect it. Thanks for the help.