For Kingdom Hearts Fans
  • If you like kingdom hearts you have to watch this. Its pretty halarious. You may need to register on to see it, but I think you should be able to view it without registering.

    The Sora Song by ~LynxGriffin on deviantART
  • Now that...that...THAT was
    I think the fact that the voice was of a kid (or sounded like that) made it all the cuter giving it that added "awww" effect.

    I vote that we should adopt that as this sites official Mascot Video, who's with me? :punk:
  • Ah! I could finally watch it!

    Very funny Mike!:)
    I loved it.
  • Wait there is another one. They did two one for sora and one for cloud.

    Fanimation-- The Cloud Song by ~spookydoom on deviantART
  • Did you read the authors journal blog thingy?
    Apparently, her "Cloud Song" was stolen and posted on some other website (she's posted the link on her recent journal entry) and that's why she brought this video back out of storage to prove that she created it and not some guy pretending to be her.

    Anyway, this is cool, and, once again, whoever that voice belongs to (whether it's hers or not) has an absolutely "awwww" kinda voice.