playonline view for ff11 not working..
  • pretty much sums it up.... my friend gave my his hard drive with FF11 installed on it and the playonline viewer, however when i hook up my network cable straight from the modem and click on the playonline viewer my screen just goes black and then goes back to the menu with the hdd and memcard select... havent tried any other games for online play as this is the only one i own and really wanna play. any help or suggestions?
  • FFXI is the one game that "registers" itself to the PS2 it is first played in- the game will most likely not work for you.

    Also, you are going to have to set up a connection save file on your PS2 memory card. Your PS2 should have come with a set up disc to do just that. If it didn't, you could always borrow/ rent a game that does go online- the set up routine is built into all of the games that play online.