Resident Evil Code Veronica X
  • I've been burning through them game and this is the first time I've ever been stuck..
  • The only help i can give is that try it in this order:

    1) Lady Ashford
    2) Stanley Asford (Man holding two babies)
    3) Thomas Ashford (Man holding a cup of tea)
    4) Arthur Ashford (Man with red hair)
    5) Edward Ashford (Old man seated near a vase)
    6) Alexander Ashford (Man leaning on a mantle)
    7) Alfred Ashford (on steps)

    Good luck...
  • Thanks so much, worked like a charm!
  • The_Derek, don't worry about the caged Zombie yet - you'll get into there later in the game when Chris turns up
  • You can't get the Magnum, until it is Chris' turn to play.