Fifa 2002 omissions
  • I've just got a copy of FIFA 2002 for the PS2 and was shocked to discover that they have removed the option of having multiple players in a custom league/tournament. This is one of the main reasons I bought the game as me and my friends regularly meet up and play custom league tournaments. Now only one human player can play in a league/tournament.
    Also they have removed the in-game management which was one of their best innovations a few games back.
  • I hav'ent gotten to play it yet but if they have removed those option as you say it would remove the main multiplayer reason my friend's and I play FIFA. Hope its somewhere in there.
  • Saiyaman,

    what do you think of the new controls layout... how have you found using the 1-2 by flicking the right joystick and using the new through-ball system..?

    Do you think the power meter on the passing and the swerve ball passing system works well..?
  • I find the controls are very different from all previous FIFA games, but this is a good thing in my view. I had got to be very good at FIFA games and buying new titles was ceasing to be a challenge. I only played on World Class and even then never got any real competition until I played other people rather than the computer. Now I have to learn everything again and it makes it value for money for me as I will probably play it longer.
    The computer pulls off the 1 - 2 move a lot better than me but I'm sure this is just practice - it is a new concept to get used to. The passing model is excellent. The game would be as well if they had left the multiplayer leagues in...
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