Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
  • Can anyone let me know how to do the new variety of Flat Land Tricks on Tony Hawkes for the PS2? I've only had the game a couple of days and I'm really impatient to try the new tricks.
  • Are u talking about the manuals??? If so, u do them as u do do the other trix, when u skate on flat surface use for example Up,Down and triangle to do the trick when u land from a ramp or when u are just skating around with ur special meter filled.Go into to the trick selection screen and set up witch trick u want for witch button config...
  • Try going to the tutorial section of the game (I'm not sure offhand of the correct title).
  • to do the variety of new manuals do a special manual and then press left+left+triangle to do a to rail, right+ right+ triangle to do a truckstand, right+ left+ triangle to do a casper, left+ right+ triangle to do an anti casper or right+ right+ circle to do a handstand.