NFSCarbon Online on PS3 ?
  • the short version:

    NFS Carbon - the only EA game i have (for PS3) so far... "can't connect to EA nation" ps3 is connected to internet via "Belkin wireless G router" wirelessly ...i asked in the ea support sites..... and got an answer ...and here i need your help ...
    i need to configure these ports from my router .. quote:

    "TCP ports 20900-20999 (outgoing ports for connecting to the server).
    TCP port 13505(EA Messenger (buddy list) server)
    UDP port 3658 (incoming/outgoing port for connecting to another user to play a game)
    UDP port 6000 (incoming/outgoing port for connecting to another user for headset use during a game" ..end of quote

    this is how my menu look like:
    ImageShack - Hosting :: nfsportswc7.jpg

    So i need to rewrite ( i guess ) the ports from the quote to the empty fields on the pic... and this is the part when i block...any ideas how exactly to do that...i've tried few success the help menu it says that i need to use a comma between multiple ports this TCP 20900-20999 a multiple one ?...anyway..i am sick of trying this for whole night...i'll appreciate some help..thank you in advance

    P.S. i have Motorstorm which i play online with no problems at my connection is fine..
  • In the first blank on the left you would put the IP address of the device making use of it- in this case your PS3.

    The first TCP listing you have there does designate multiple ports in that range. You should be able to enter them just like that, with the hyphen, in the first blank. Use the same numbers in both blanks (LAN and public) and check the enable box beside it. Once you have everything entered hit the Save button (may be 'apply changes" or "ok") and your ports should be open.
  • thanks man..still can't connect :( but... at least now i know this is the right way to open the i am gonna search the problem somewhere ISP for example .. thank you once again for your answer was the only one i got in like 12035987 forums :) ..keep up the good work