Ps3 connection help
  • hi, i've been trying to connect my ps3 online straight through my westell 6100 modem for a while now but it wont work. the internet test keeps saying that it has recieved the ip address but the internet connection has failed, something about resolving the name with the server. i've already tried the unplug plug thing but that doesnt work. this is frustrating me alot sense ive never had trouble connecting my ps2 using modem. any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  • You may need to doublecheck your settings- it's possible you will have to enter some settings manually such as the DNS server addresses. You can find this by looking at your computer's connection information.
  • I've entered all i can manually but i still get the same error message during test. Any other suggestions?
  • I am thinking you may have to contact your Internet provider for this one. It's possible they may have a port closed that you are needing in order to contact to the PlayStation network properly.