RPG Maker Events
  • how the heck do u make events on RPG Maker:confused: i customized every thing else accept the events, i can do some stuff like placing random characters all over the levels, making certain characters say certain things, checking stuff to place it in your inventory, and opening chest. i just need to know how to use the switches and assign different switch numbers to make events happen. my instruction manual is lost as it is a very old game. i would really appreciate any help u could give me. if u can tell me how to manipulate the whole events section. thanks
  • i moved your post into its own thread- it seemed a bit out of place in the Driver thread. ;)

    Press X somewhere on the screen you have no events happening. This brings up the Events menu where you can set up this sort of thing. You will see several choices- Create Event, Treasure Event, Duplicate Event and Intro Event.

    Select "Create Event" with X to bring up a screen with something like this:

    Event No 1 Page 1/1 MEM

    Event Contents:

    Page Conditions:

    Hit triangle to bring up more options. Here you can adjust all of your events (up to 128 per dungeon) as you see fit.
  • hey sry where the thread was im new to this sit and im computer illiterate soooo......u know. thanxs alot i didnt kno u could use triangle to use more options thanxs again. i also need help on legacy of kain, after u talk to the king about his comatose daughter and u go out of the castle through the passageway on the left and you go through every thing till you get to the area where there is a gate that you cant get past and on the other side of it is the mansion of the doll maker. how do u get past that gate:confused:
  • No problem regarding the post-you're far from the first to do is do that and will likely not be the last. All part of the business. :)

    After speaking to the king, go back into the room you entered the castle
    through. To the west side you will find a doorway. Follow this path
    until you go through some tunnels and come out in a snowy area that is a
    good distance to the northeast of the castle. At the end of the tunnels,
    you will find a save room. After saving head back out into the tunnel and
    just below the save room entrance you will find the way out.

    When you emerge from the Willendorf Tunnels, you will see a fort-type area
    that you have to pass through. Go to the southeast/west towers and gain
    control of the enemies on top and make them go inside to flip the
    switches. Then go inside and enter the inner rear area of the fort.
    Follow these tunnels and you will eventually wind up on the outside of the
    fort on the north side.

    When you emerge from the Snow Fortress, head north and activate the BAT
    BEACON there. Then head north into Stahlberg. Explore the town and then head north.

    Follow the road north and then west from Stahlberg. You will then come to
    a gate that you can't open. Use Spirit Wrack on one of the enemies on the
    north side of the gate and then make it walk up and flip the switch. Turn
    into Mist and go to the small ice island in the middle of the lake. In
    the midst of the items on the island you will find SECRET #93. From #93,
    turn into Mist and head west. Follow the coast line around and you will
    find small caches of items that will give you SECRETS #94, #95, & #96.
    Then head north to the mansion.

    Area 1: There is a save room just to the right of the entrance. You will
    see several doors, yet you can only enter the northwest door for now.

    Area 2: Walk along the path until you come to where there are several
    barrels blocking your path. Use Spirit Wrack on the doll down by the
    switch and then walk through the door that was closed a minute ago to the
    north of you. Follow that path down through to the exit and push the
    switch at the end.

    Area 1: You are back in area 1 again but now the northeast door is open.
    You know what to do.

    Area 3: Head east then south. Flip the switch in this room and then in
    the next room, go all the way down to the spikes at the end and use Spirit
    Wrack on the doll and let it be destroyed. That will open the door to
    your north. Walk over through the ice area to where there is a switch
    across from some spikes. Shoot the switch and then follow the path to
    the area exit. Be sure to hit the switch on the north wall just above the

    Area 1: The center door is now open. Enter it and you will pass a closed
    door on your right. Head up past it and jump over the obstacles in your
    way. Proceed to the northeast exit.

    Area 4: In the first room press the switch on the north wall and move to
    the next room. In the second room go north and hit the floor switch.
    In the third room, press the switch and move east. From there head south
    all to way to the end of the long corridor. Press what looks like some
    books beside the north door and then enter the room with the 4 victims
    in it. From that square room in the center, go through the north door of
    the room. You will be taken to a save room.

    Area 5: Head north from the save room and meet Elzevir the Doll maker.
    Then follow him into the north room for a boss battle with Elzevir. Once the battle is over go to the room to the north to claim the doll.
  • thanks alot, ive had the game for sooo long i just never played it, and when i do i get stuck lmao.