can u tell me how the datel headset works
  • i got a NEW bluetoth datel heatset but i dont no how it works i have registered it. its called a ps3 max . help !!!!!
  • The datel headset works rather poorly, actually. It isn't a very good headset.

    The headset is easy to use, though. Go into your settings menu and scroll down to the accessory settings. In here select audio device settings. And here you should see input device and output device-select your headset for both of these. Now, when you are playing a game with online chat enabled you should be able to hear it fine over your headset. You can always test your microphone level in this section to make sure your microphone is working properly.
  • why don't my headset work on Resistance fall or man and works on all the other games i've got? HELP PLZ
  • I mentioned this before in another thread- that Datel headset is a piece of junk.

    Anyhoo, you may need to open some ports that are being blocked. here are the ports Sony say to open for USB and BlueTooth headsets:

    UDP Ports: 6000 - 6999, 10070

    • TCP Port: 80
    • UDP Ports: 6000 - 7000, 50000

    Also, have you been pushing the correct button on your controller for chatting? By default you have to push in the left analog stick to talk- if you haven't been doing this give that a shot.