Advice on how to start playing ROFM
  • Hello there...
    I am fifty something and my buddy is slightly younger so we are not exactly IT experts, can you advise me in simple steps what we need to do to play ROFM across the internet...We are both are using wireless connections if that helps?

    Any helpapprecaited..

    you can send any my email at [email][/email]

    Once again many thanks

  • If you have a wireless broadband connection at home now you are pretty much good to go. All you need to do (if you haven't yet) is set up your PlayStation 3 to go online. This is done in the network settings found at the bottom of the Settings menu.

    One thing i should mention is a number of people have had troubles with keeping a wireless connection going (mainly due to the wireless card in the PS3 lacking in quality somewhat). We recommend using a wired connection if possible.

    Have a look at top of our forums and you'll find the PlayStation 3 guides section. In there you'll find a thread detailing setting up a wireless connection for the PlayStation 3. It should be of some help to set up the connection.