• anyone done bugs & taz, im stuck on counts castle any help what i do thanks. patricia
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  • [b]I take it Count Blood Count is giving some headaches.I found this as a guide to beating him:

    The count will be throwing the floor at you from four corners of the
    room so when the count pops up have bugs jump on top while the count is
    still holding the tile over his head to crash it down on him
    Then the count will fly out the window breaking it, Then Have Taz go
    over and get under the broke window and change to bugs and have Bugs
    jump on Taz so you can reach the ledge, Then change to Taz and get
    behind the gargoyle and push it forward off the ledge then jump down and
    push it forward again till it clicks into place.

    The count will fly back in breaking another window, Have bugs or Taz
    attack the count when he stops to laugh, You are now clear to go to the
    new broke window and just repeat what you done on the last one.

    Now the count will fly in breaking the third window, To hit the count
    this time let him fall down and jump up on the little thing he is on
    (it's hooked to a chain) and kick him with bugs, This lets you get to
    the third ledge safely and just push that gargoyle forward off the ledge
    and then into place like the other times.

    And once again the count will fly in but this is the last time, All you
    need to do is avoid him till he stands still and then run up and kick
    him, Then go over repeat the steps for the final ledge like you did with
    all the others and once you click the last one into place